Rob Coyne

General Manager EMEA, Hootsuite

…keeping social media strategy human and true to societal & individual needs

Iiro Kaukoniemi

Managing Director, Meltwater

“…It’s all about finding the audience and matching your content with that audience”

Hugh Curran

CX Strategy Lead, Oracle

“If you’re going to make a big choice about digital transformation, make sure that when you’re discussing about the teams and the processes, you’re also discussing the consumer, and how the change is going to affect them”

Imran Farooq

Managing Director MMC Learning

“..if you want to progress in your business and progress as a marketer, investment in yourself is really key”

Simon McCall

Director, KPMG Boxwood

“Consumers are interested in value, convenience and experience …… and technology can underpin all three of those”

Liane Grimshaw

Founder & MD, Supareal

“the challenges with inbound  marketing and generating results in a short space of time..”

Rebecca Lieb

Founding Partner, Kaleido Insights

“marketing that goes beyond the screen, enabled by new technology such as beacons, sensors, the internet of things….”

Jeff Coghlan

Founder, Matmi

“If we create these virtual worlds and virtual experiences, is that going to be more real than reality that’s programmed by a socially constructed media”

Ian Moyse

Sales Director, Natterbox

“..telephony is still the foundation of engaging with customers in the majority of businesses”

Elizabeth Clark

CEO, Dream Agility

“The future of ecommerce…..exciting AI and other technology…. coming to the fore now”

Diane Earles

Network Manager, CIM

“…it’s all about what technology can do for marketing but also not forgetting the basics….to do with people and relationships”

Dave Millichap

Corporate Account Director, Institute Sales Management

“sales is the lifeblood of any business and being a salesperson is a skill and an art and it needs to be recognised as such”

Bruce Costello

President, Sales-Ai

“’s all about detailed execution in the sales process..”

Darryl West

Commercial Director, Octopus Intelligence

“competitive intelligence is set to be probably the biggest antidote to the fast moving business climate…”

Adam Gray

Co-Founder, Digital Leadership Associates

“..the need for businesses to embrace social media at their fundamental core in terms of their beliefs and how they are executing the processes if they are going to be successful in the future”

Graeme Dixon

Managing Director, Octopus Intelligence

“strategy without intelligence is just guesswork….if you don’t know what’s going on out there, how can you build a strategy? “