Attend 2 days of ‘brand leader’ inspirational keynotes

Twin ‘keynote’ theatres provide the opportunity to listen and learn from some of the top UK brand leaders, influencers and industry experts:

  •  Talking on the BIG topics and challenges facing today’s evolving Sales & Marketing process landscape
  •  Provide invaluable insight into the evolving online and ‘competitive’ strategies of major names
  •  Look over the shoulder at market leading sales/marketing practices – in both B2B & B2C/FMCG sectors
  •  Gain invaluable intelligence on how evolving technology and consumer behaviour  are shaping future sales & marketing strategy
  •  Get a perspective on the next 3-5 years and where ‘your’ sales & marketing machine needs to invest & transform
Attend ‘bite-size’ best practice masterclasses

Sit in on any of the 2 day programme of ‘how2’ masterclasses – providing a range of unmissable instructional/advisory take away content for ALL experience levels

  • Exhibiting market leading solutions providers talk about the latest challenges facing today’s sales & marketing professionals
  • Gain invaluable ‘take-away’ best practice tips & advice in areas including:
    • Sales Enablement
    • Sales Performance & Monitoring
    • Social Selling
    • Omni-Channel & multi-channel
    • eCommerce Marketing
    • Website Innovation & SEO
    • Marketing Automation
    • Data & Analytics
    • Customer Experience
    • Big Data marketing
    • Content Marketing & Inbound
    • Video Marketing
    • Competitor Intelligence
    • Sales gamification
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Personalised Marketing
Get fully acquainted with latest market offerings

Talk ‘face to face’ to any of the planned 150+ latest sales & marketing technology & specialist service providers about YOUR sales & marketing process objectives:

  • From enabling software, apps, platforms & solutions to exciting trailblazer technologies such as AR/VR/AI/Big Data..
  • Meeting the needs of tomorrow’s hyper-connected, multi-channel, data & analytics-based  super-competitive Sales & marketing reality.
  • Pre-book 1-2-1 ‘demos’  with individual software, solutions & service providers

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